Here at MJH Systems, we’re celebrating 20 years of providing class-leading CRM Sales-management Software. It hardly seems five minutes since 1996, when Paul Gascoigne scored that goal against Scotland, or Dolly the Sheep entered the world, but we’ve made big strides in that time.

CRM Software Solution

Business data management

We’ve achieved results for our many clients across the UK, Europe and Asia, gaining a great reputation for quality and offering long-term solutions for business data management across many sectors.

We go beyond CRM, too, with packages geared towards Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), accountancy, driver testing, and education.

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Turnkey solutions

Key to our success is providing a turnkey solution so that our clients have every aspect of their software managed. Before we install anything, we also guarantee to achieve or exceed your business benefits.

The impressive aspect of TeamVisual sales and marketing data-management software and mobile apps is that it offers a single database for all your most important statistics. It can even work without access to the Internet, so it’s perfect for your field sales team.

We’ve picked up some great customers in the last 20 years, including Norgren, Pentax, Evian, FAI Auto Parts, VP plc, Astraseal, Calpeda, The Bardon Group, and Knauf Drywall Systems.

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CRM packages

Praise from those clients keeps on pouring in. Malcolm Rosher of FAI Auto Parts said,

“Any company looking for a CRM package should outline what they want to achieve in the first few months and focus on those objectives rather than looking at all the available functions, that can be overwhelming.

“I would also recommend TeamVisual. It’s obvious that they all know the system inside out and are not just some middlemen for someone else’s product.”

Here’s to the next 20 years!