Cloud-based CRM couldn’t be more on-trend. CRM is the current buzzphrase in business, and software has to be hosted in the cloud for accessibility.

CRM over the Internet

CRM is Customer Relationship Management. It’s how you manage the whole sales process and customer interaction from one source. Hosting in the cloud simply means you can access it through the Internet, so you have no data-storage issues and all users can access the same information at any time.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), spending on cloud services totalled $56.6 billion in 2014 and is forecast to rise to more than $127 billion in 2018. That’s a 23% annual growth.

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MJH Systems’ package gives you everything you need from your CRM software, plus a little more besides.

Our TeamVisual contractor CRM software enables you to schedule customer activity, such as calls, visits and projects; manage documents; and call up marketing and sales stats at will.

You can translate business data into customised weekly or monthly reports, analyse sales performance, and correlate sales activity with results.

We make it all totally configurable – set up exactly how you want it. It’s a central shared database for plotting every customer interaction.

But here’s where TeamVisual is different, and where we score over the competition. A lot of cloud-based solutions require you to have an Internet connection to use the software. Ours is different because it synchronises over the web via the cloud. The actual data sits locally on your computer.

CRM out in the field

Cloud CRM

That means if you don’t have Internet access, you can still get hold of your vital data and even edit it. It’ll synchronise again when your connection is re-established.

That’s the great thing about TeamVisual CRM software – reps can use it out in the field and engineers can use it on oil rigs. You can even use it on your day off up Ben Nevis. It’s CRM without wires – your data is accessible no matter what.

Best of all, you can rent TeamVisual from just £50/month. To book a FREE, on-site company review, call MJH Systems on +44 1257 232719 or email us here.

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