With most CRM software packages, you’ll find you take delivery of a box. One that comes straight off the shelf. You’ll then be expected to configure it yourself.

Here at MJH Systems, we think that’s a little cruel. After all, you’re not software developers – you’re running a business and have other stuff to think about.

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CRM Customer Relationships

Unique CRM software set-up

That’s why, when you invest in TeamVisual CRM software, our representatives visit in person to review your business, then create a unique set-up that brings the most important data to the forefront of the software dashboard.

We’ll look at your existing systems – nine times out of ten we find they’re Excel spreadsheets and Outlook – and we take that data and sit with you to see exactly how you want to configure TeamVisual.

But it doesn’t stop there. We’ll schedule in several meetings before you go live. For us, it’s absolutely vital to understand your business and what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis. We look at your existing spreadsheets, bring it all together and then present it to you.

That’s our promise to you – a full day of CRM software training as part of the deal, then as much support as you need after that.

Bespoke CRM software

It’s all totally configurable, totally bespoke – a central shared database for plotting every customer interaction.

You can ensure that we stick around for the long haul by renting TeamVisual – from as little as £50 per user, per month. This lease-based agreement means that our relationship carries on and that we’re just on the end of the phone, whenever you need us.

Says Manager Paul Goulding;

“Our approach is the key to our customers’ success with TeamVisual. Hand-holding is critical to what we deliver. Our support is ongoing over the life of the software. Relationships are what we’re all about.”

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