Invest in TeamVisual CRM software and you’ll get our Lancashire-based support team, complete with account managers, automatically included with your subscription.

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How does it work?

Subscribe to TeamVisual and, if you need support at any time, call us. You won’t go to voicemail. If your account manager is busy, there’ll always be someone else who can take a message. Your account manager will get back to you ASAP.

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CRM software – named account manager

Your own named account manager truly ‘gets’ your business. If there are any bespoke ongoing developments needed, you’ve got a point of contact to talk to and even meet.

Development is key here. It’s important to remember that, here at MJH Systems, we’re primarily a software-development house.

That means that the product you initially buy doesn’t have to be the one that you still have 12 months down the line. It’s our own software and we can develop additional features as and when your business needs them.

CRM software – Lancashire-based support

As well as our Lancashire-based support for our CRM software, you’ll get a suite of reports that works on a monthly basis. We also offer enhanced packages that allow us to analyse data on a regular basis.

The reporting is dealt with by our management team. We look at which reports will be required on a monthly basis. From that, we produce an email at the end of the month that gives key information, such as the number of new accounts opened up, or the customers who’ve not had visits that month.

Add to all that TeamVisual’s ability to provide critical, real-time sales data – whether you’re online or not – and it’s clear you’ve got a package that’s hard to beat.

To find out more about how Team Visual bespoke CRM software can help your business, get in touch today.