With our CRM software, managers can save days normally spent producing reports and putting in filters. That’s because Team Visual automates sales-management reports that are bespoke to your business.

With Team Visual CRM software, managers get concise, regular sales-management reports emailed direct to their inbox.

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Tailored CRM reports

time to update your CRMReports are tailored, too. They’re all based around the requirement of each manager. So that could be sales dashboards, revenue reports, visit reports and more.

Team Visual can even handle Google mapping. For example, let’s say your sales person’s territory is the north west and they do maybe 200 visits in a given month.

We can take the data entered, such as postcodes, and put them on a map so they can see where they’ve visited prospects and where they’ve visited customers.

Tracking new accounts

The ‘new accounts’ features is also a useful one. Managers can track any new accounts that have been opened up. This shows that prospects have been converted to customers.

Says MJH Systems Sales Manager Paul Goulding;

“It means a sales guy has been out there in the field, done six or seven visits, phone calls or emails to try to land this prospect and has turned them into a customer.”

“On the other side of it, you’ve got lapsed accounts. This could be people who’ve not traded for x period of time. That could be six months – obviously, our customers have different parameters. So, every month, we send through lapsed accounts.”

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Automatic, bespoke CRM software

The great thing with Team Visual CRM software is that all this happens automatically, without managers having to lift a finger. The reports are automated and consistent. What could be simpler?

“This way, managers can keep on top of things and be aware that certain customers haven’t bought anything for six months.”

If you’d like more information about how MJH Systems can automate your sales-management reports, call Paul Goulding today on +44 1257 232719.