FAI Automotive plc, based in Leighton Buzzard, England, is a leading UK distributor of replacement automotive parts. The firm distributes throughout the UK to the garage industry through a network of local stockists and has an ever-growing export division covering 55 countries around the world.

Sales Dashboard

Sales reporting system

What the company didn’t have was a great reporting system. Sales and Marketing Director Malcom Rosher says, “Our computer system gave us fantastic data on customer spending and product-group splits, but the contact data was a disgrace and mailshots were painful. All we had was a list of businesses we deliver parcels to.”

Whenever the firm wanted to contact existing customers, they had to search for their names. FAI decided they needed a system to manage key areas such as sales reporting and customer and prospect data.

CRM training

“I was in a minority on the board,” says Malcolm, “so I needed a quick result to justify the investment. I needed a system that would deliver everything within a sensible timescale.

“After considering several options, we chose TeamVisual. We made the right choice. My sales team were sceptical, but the launch training and the phone support were excellent. Even the ones who wanted it to fail thought the training was superb.”

FAI now knows what its sales people are doing, and mailshots are easier and more professional.

CRM package

Malcolm has the last word: “Any company looking for a CRM package should outline what they want to achieve in the first few months and focus on those objectives rather than looking at all the available functions. That can be overwhelming.

“I would also recommend TeamVisual. It’s obvious that they all know the system inside out and are not just some middlemen for someone else’s product.”