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If your Painting & Decorating company has multiple members of staff, each with their own vehicles and job locations, TeamVisual is the perfect solution for all of your Project Management requirements.

Painting and Decorating software

The software allows you to take control of your members of staff in real time. You can assign job locations, access customer information and track your employees live over the cloud. TeamVisual even works offline, so during periods of low signal your employees can continue with their daily tasks, then once they regain signal their data will automatically synchronise to the cloud giving you a real time update as soon as it is available.

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Why is this so suitable for Painters & Decorators?

If you’ve ever had a client cancel at the last minute, I’m sure you’ll understand the frustration of a wasted trip. In this situation TeamVisual could be configured to automatically assign the team to the closest next project. The customer details would automatically be sent to the team, allowing them to instantly find a new job that is suitable for their day of work.

Real Time Updates

Configuring real time updates to suit your Painting & Decorating business will lead to an improvement in productivity. Plus an enhanced level of data will allow you to resolve areas where you business could be improved.

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TeamVisual enquiries are completely No-Obligation. Our UK based team will provide you with a breakdown of the software and how they feel it could be configured to meet your unique requirements.

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